Based in France, we organize events and provide a variety of business services to connect players from the Blockchain and related industries across the world.

 We provide business networking, event and PR services to Blockchain and entrepreneurs, investors and experts who wish to demonstrate their projects internationally, be it for R&D, fundraising or business development purposes.

We work exclusively with recommendable professionals committed to bringing true value to the business community and willing to contribute to sustainable economic progress and social well-being.

We are based in Paris, a major tech and innovation hub in Western Europe with a fast-growing community of Blockchain professionals and crypto-investors eager to connect to the world. 

Get internationally connected!


Our services


We regularly organize or co-organize internationally-oriented events in a variety of formats, from meetups to large-scale conferences. We may also set-up a tailored event (business-breakfast, seminar...) for you to connect with those you need to develop further your business.

Business networking

We'll leverage our extended industry networks to help you connect with relevant players across the world — be it for fundraising, business development, R&D or PR purposes.

PR & influence

We work with major crypto communities leaders, online influencers, tech and financial media in several regions of the world. We'll help you engage a dialogue with them to raise awareness about your initiatives.


We publish blockchain / crypto industry overviews, reports, opinion papers in partnership with leading media and industry networks. Our latest publication: "The Token Spring of Central & Eastern Europe".

Upcoming events

Paris, July 5, 2018: International conference on crypto investment

This event provides international crypto investors and related professionals with a unique opportunity to meet their peers from France and the French-speaking world. It will gather investors, traders, entrepreneurs, leaders of top French-speaking crypto investor communities, as well as a few bold hackers. Some of the leading crypto and classic funds from France, Russia, the USA, Brazil and other countries will make launch announcements and present their strategy.

Blockchain, Healthcare & Wellness

In H1 2019, Blockchain Connectors and its partners will hold an international conference in Paris to highlight the latest developments and potential of blockchain technologies in the field of healthcare and wellness.

Latest events

In late March 2018 in Paris, half a dozen of startups with roots in Estonia, Russia, Slovenia and Ukraine met the French blockchain and crypto community through a dedicated conference and a meetup. 

These events stimulated knowledge exchanges and generated a variety of investment and partnership connections.

On June 5 and 6 in Paris and Lyon, green blockchain projects from the USA, Israel and Russia were presented  to hundreds of crypto enthusiasts as well as prominent experts and NGOs in the field of sustainable development. The success of these meetups showed that, far from exchange speculation, Blockchain technologies may be used to build a better future.

Connect with our team

General Manager

Adrien Henni​

With nearly 20 years of international tech business experience, Adrien Henni is the founder of Blockchain-Connectors. He is also co-founder and chief editor at East-West Digital News, an international news and research agency covering Eastern Europe; he conducts research projects on various tech topics, and advises startups, funds and other organizations.

Senior Connector

Valentine Ghozlan

Valentine is an incredibly efficient communicator when it comes to digital things. Her rich background – in Paris, Dublin and London – includes sales and partnership positions at eBay and Google as well as business networking for a variety of startups.


Jane Kuhuk

Based in Kiev, Jane is project manager at Blockchain Connectors. She knows how to identify fantastic experts and projects across Europe, and contributes to make our events a memorable experience for all participants.

Community Organizer

Maxime Boussenot

A serial ICO investor, Maxime is involved in several key online crypto investor communities.​ He provides advice on how to engage a dialogue with these communities.​

Our advisors and friends


Jean-Michel Billaut

A figure of the French tech industry. Public policy influencer. Advisor to a variety of small and large organizations.


Dr. Ron Ribitzky, MD

Boston based, Dr. Ron is a physician with exceptional experience in healthcare IT & life science informatics. He worked for and with global leading brands, R&D, and academia in the U.S. and 23 developed and emerging economy countries. He published, presented, and led workshops around the world on technology innovation and practice. He is a member of HIMSS Blockchain Work Group, and advisor to Blockchain startups.


Vladimir Dyakov

A Moscow-based serial entrepreneur in the fields of marketing, Vladimir is the founder of AB-Chain, one of the first crypto-friendly ad networks. This startup launched operations in 2017 and completed an ICO in early 2018.


Zachary Reece

After starting as a trader on Wall Street, Zachary moved to the Blockchain investment space opening Blocktrade Investments, the world’s first and only to date SEC- and FINRA-compliant Blockchain private equity fund. Based in San Francisco, he advises a variety of entrepreneurs, leveraging his high-level connection in the USA and across the world.​


Arseniy Strizhenok

A Blockchain enthusiast and expert, Arseniy has been an ICO advisor to a variety of Russian Blockchain entrepreneurs. He has more than 5 years of hands-on experience in IT and marketing, as well as in co-organizing international Blockchain events.


Gerald Chen

Based in Hong Kong, Gerald has extended networks across the Asia-Pacific area. A co-founder of startup accelerator Lime HK, he has special talent in conference and event management, community engagement and other kinds of business networking.


Jacopo Proietti

Jacopo is the founder of CoinWisely, a cryptocurrency consulting agency aiming to make cryptocurrency more widely accessible and help blockchain projects achieve their ambitions. The agency has activities in several European locations, including France, Italy and Sweden.


Jonny Fianu

Based in London, Jonny is a co-founder of startup advisory network Nestor Network. His connections span across a variety of industries in the UK, the USA, Russia and Africa.

SwitZerland Connector

Sahra Bréan

Sahra is a figure of the Geneva-area crypto scene and an active member of the Swiss community. She founded the Rising Think Tech community and is also a member of Women in Blockchain and Swiss Blockchain Association.

Brazil Connector

Frederico Mesquita

Dr. Frederico S. B. Mesquita is the founder of Brazilian Crypto Fund, the first ever such fund in this country, and a figure of the local and international Blockchain scene.

Marketing ADVISOR

Lisa Peyton

Lisa Peyton is today among the thought leaders in the field of digital marketing in the USA. Based in Portland, Ore., she serves as Intel’s Global Social Media Strategist. Her hands-on experience includes implementing successful B2B and B2C digital strategies for a variety of famous brands. Her talent been recognized with several SoMe social media awards​


Jonathan Behar​

Jonathan has founded Crypto Day & Crypto Apéro, two key meetup initiatives on the French crypto investment scene. He also conducts popular blockchain masterclasses and podcasts in Paris.



Blockchain Connectors is a brand of International Digital News SPRL, a company registered in Belgium.